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Asandra channels from a large group of Master Spirit Guides.. Specifically, Master Spirit Guides are teachers that have reached a level of wisdom or mastery that enables them to bring guidance on a profound level. Although they are not all-knowing, their point of view is one of great expanse. They see you as the true Spirit-being that you are, and guide from that perspective. They are loving and wise, seeking only to disseminate information that is relevant to your highest path. The emphasis of a session with the Spirit Guides is on receiving individualized soul-path guidance. The spirits may touch on material, spiritual, and emotional issues. The focus is on directing you toward your higher path and greater personal fulfillment.

Asandra has been a full time professional channel with an international clientele for 38 years. She works in deep trance and allows the Spirit Guides to speak through her. Asandra is the author of External link opens in new tab or windowContact Your Spirit Guides (Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2011).

Each private session allows time for questions from the participant. It is suggested that you prepare a list of questions in advance and allow for an hour of quiet, undisturbed time.

All sessions are conducted by Zoom (audio only). You have the option of recording the session yourself directly from Zoom or I can digitally record it for you in MP3 format and email it to you the same day.

Cost: US $250.00 for one hour; includes MP3 file of session emailed on same day. Payment can be made by Credit Card (via Paypal), Zelle, Venmo, or Check. Payment is required no later than 24 hours in advance. To make a payment, CLICK HERE


Contact me by email. Let me know your time zone, email and/or phone (phone replies for US only). I respond to all requests within 24 hours. After we arrange a time/date, I will send you detailed information on how to prepare and pay for your session. Payment is required in advance of the session.

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Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice required to cancel or reschedule. Missed paid appointments are considered my time paid for.