February 2023

Even though you live in time and a certain experience of dimension, the truth is that you also live in a higher realm that encompasses all that you know from the past, the present, and what you would call the future. When you move into consciousness that lies beyond ordinary time and space you begin to recognize yourself as an expanded Being that is elevated beyond the mundane and the ordinary. As you activate that higher part of your being, you will find yourself entering into the consciousness of your greater selfhood. It is from this position that you hold the frequency of that which is the light-bearer, the wisdom-keeper, and the way-shower. Many of you recognize that this is your role in this life. Even though you do not always have the clarity of the way forward, rest assured that your destiny will be revealed to you with every breath and every step forward you take with trust and confidence.

-- Astarte

March 2023
You have arrived at a time in human history wherein you have the unique opportunity to consciously decide to live in a more awakened state of consciousness. It is not about striving to be awake. It is about choosing through your free will, the condition of awareness that exists outside and beyond the normal frame of reference that the collective lives in.

This continual “choosing” becomes a practice that you engage in all your life. There is no correct or incorrect way. There is only the way that is rightful for each individual at any given time. The essential matter is to recognize that your soul has selected this lifetime to live as an awakened being. Whether that awakening calls you to service or to simply stand still; it is a call that will enliven your consciousness to that which is your soul-purpose.