The pendulum only stops swinging back and forth

when it is at rest in the center,

in stillness.

As we move through this current cycle of the paradigm shift within human consciousness, it is difficult not to empathically feel the pain within that collective.  It is not just within the marginalized group that is hurting the most.  Even the people, groups or politicians we may adamantly disagree with, are also part of the collective.  Think of it as that one family member that everyone has a bit of difficulty dealing with.  It could be someone whose actions or opinions we are uncomfortable with and maybe we don’t even talk to that person.  Despite our disagreements, however, we may still love them because they are related to us.  And if we resent that person that we are related to, we will walk around with a big, unhealed wound that will be reflected somewhere in our life. In Joel S. Goldsmith’s book, The Infinite Way, he states, “Begin your spiritual life with the understanding that all conflicts must be settled within your consciousness.” 

Many people assume that I come from an awakened, spiritually aware family.  Just the opposite, in fact, is true.  In adulthood I decided that I needed to heal the relationships I had with immediate family members that were toxic.  I didn’t want to go through my life carrying this pain and I made an effort to forgive and accept exactly who they are.  I wasn’t trying to change them or to get them to see my point of view.  I was just going to love them unconditionally as hard as that can be at times.

There is a reason why history repeats itself.  If we remain in the polarized perception of us versus them, there is always a need for force and resistance.  Lao Tsu, the 6th century BC philosopher wrote in his famous work, Tao Te Ching, “The softest thing in the universe overcomes the hardest thing in the universe.” 

Personally, I love the Taoist viewpoint of nonresistance and harmony.  It speaks to me because my soul innately resides there.  It is evident that we must all individually find our way through to clarity, love, and acceptance.  Spirit says that if you embrace your enemy, that enemy ceases to exist.  And since it is only an illusion that there is an enemy outside of us, the enemy we embrace is our own pain.

I understand for some, this is an unreasonable view. Many believe outrage is the only way to create societal change. Remember that the pendulum only stops swinging back and forth when it is at rest in the center, in stillness. Outrage may be the catalyst for healing, but it is not the resolution. In the end, letting go of fear, anger, despair, and handing it over to something greater, becomes the release from the pain. Then there is the space for healing, love and lightness of being to come in. This is when true healing can occur.

“Much of your pain is self chosen,” Kahlil Gibran writes in The Prophet, “It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.  Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.” 

When we authentically heal, it is a complete transformation of our entire energy system. Healing doesn’t refer solely to illness; it also refers to the ills in our society and/ or our personal lives. People march for change and change no doubt will occur as a result. Remember it is just the pendulum swinging in the opposite position, and although a good thing, it is not yet at rest in the center of stillness.  In other words, we cannot forcibly change an established mindset or belief system. This only creates more resistance. Therefore, each and every individual seeking change in their physical world also has the power to move beyond victimhood to Empowered Being. The wonderful thing about empowerment is that we don’t have to wait for the external reality to catch up . . . we have the power to transform from within in every moment. In The Door of Everything, Ruby Nelson asserts, “As your Light of life gushes into more expression, it will make you conscious of a Reality entirely overlooked by your limited surface mind.”   That internal energy shift defies the statistics and creates a new reality from an awakened state and therefore, a new consciousness.

Social injustice and all the myriad ills of the world (my great-grandparents came to America to escape the murderous Cossacks), will continue be

cause the third-dimensional realm is dualistic (history repeating itself). Therefore, the way forward is to recognize who we truly are as energy beings and create a new reality of energy, consciousness, and multi-dimensional awareness. This is transformation that results in an authentic shift of our frequency.

The truly good news is that a remedy to our pain exists in every moment. This is the purpose of our soul’s Earthly visit: we have come here to wake up to our true self-hood and to know our connection with the Source that created us. Michael A. Singer, author of Three Essays on Universal Law, says it perfectly: “It must be remembered that only man, as the highest creature on the evolutionary ladder, has the ability to come directly into Union with the Infinite Source.”


June 2020

Asandra ©2020