How to NOT Invest

To conquer our fears,

we must begin with

an absolute, unfailing investment in the singular thing

that can and will

provide for all of our needs.

There are days when I feel like a football player, attempting to avoid being knocked down as I run with the ball toward a goal post. There is a reason, at least in American football, that helmets are required. It has been proven that concussions are a hazard of the game. This is what it is like when bombarded with otherwise well-meaning friends sending videos and articles on an array of subjects illuminating the downfall of our civilization. This plethora of concerns includes the threat of forced vaccination, a possibility of civil war, the failing of banks, or numerous conspiracy theories. Just for starters.

No wonder so many people are feeling anxious and exhausted. When I was planning to leave New York to move to Florida at the end of the 80’s decade, many were alarmed; they were concerned the water levels were going to rise where I was going. People were admonishing me not to go. Yet, those 19 years were some of the most exciting of my life.

I have made it a life-long personal rule never to invest in fear-based realities. This is not the same as being indiscriminate or lacking discernment. In order to know the difference, one must be aligned at the higher intuitive level. Furthermore, the key is to know what to actually invest our time, love, and attention in.

I remember an acquaintance once sending me a lengthy letter accusing me of poverty consciousness because I wasn’t interested in investing in silver, something he was advising me to do. Yet, this very same individual spent an enormous amount of energy fearful that his financial worth might decline as the stock market wavered.

The problem is that if we invest our belief in the mundane world, we may literally and figuratively find ourselves under water. The stakes are higher now because the entire globe is playing this particular game. When the political environment becomes uncomfortable in America, people often say, I’m leaving the US and moving to ________. The irony now is that there isn’t any place safer and if there is, they may have restrictions declining US citizens’ entry.

This means we cannot run and hide from what frightens us. More importantly is to know that what we may fear isn’t “out there” in what we call the world. It is our own bogie-man hiding in our own closet. If we do not understand that each of us experiences reality as the mirror of our own consciousness, we will never feel safe in the world.

Spirit tells us that to conquer our fears, we must begin with an absolute, unfailing investment in the singular thing that can and will provide for all of our needs. Or at least aspire to do so. Furthermore, we need to adopt the expansive view of our individual purpose in this life. We need to take that awareness and run toward the goal post, bypassing all the intruders that seek to rob us of our light. Look at how information you receive makes you feel. If it instantly brings up fear, then you may want to take a step back before you automatically embrace it as an absolute truth. I am in the habit of telling my otherwise well-meaning friends, “no thank you” when they send me something alarmist in its content. The higher truth is that there is not less light, wisdom, and inspiration available to us. We are the stewards of that clarity and do not have to invest in anything less than that.

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