Blog post 2 continued

Nor do you have to try to make the world a better place.  The only thing that is required in the advancement of consciousness is to live within your true spirit and allow that to be the center of your being.  The only requirement is to be present. Everything else will fall into place for then you are aligned with the harmonization of the universe.  Otherwise, you are trying to direct your life through your mind and will be in nothing more than a constantly reactive state. The mind cannot be your master, only the heart can lead you in the direction free from conflict and confusion. Therefore  in order to move into multidimensional consciousness, the focus on one's inner being must be the central point from which you are bound. The process of letting go of the old reality is what you are experiencing now. It is part of the collective agenda as the soul advances toward awakening. Be in the fullness and acceptance of whatever it requires. Your soul knows the way.